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Scientific working talk: Stefan Krüger on "How to write a great Master thesis"

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Ort: Location: Online via BBB

Webseite: Website: https://open-bbb.uni-paderborn.de/b/har-tz9-i7y-hy4

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The final thesis concludes every Bachelor’s and Master’s program. It is usually the first time students work systematically for a longer time on their own on a single topic and write up the results of this work in a scientific manner. Consequently, it is widely considered a huge and important part of any curriculum and grants up to 1/3 of all credit points a student may earn during their studies. Yet, curricula tend to focus on other topics, often leaving students feeling unprepared for this unique challenge.

Stefan Krüger will share his insights on writing a good thesis based on his experience as a thesis supervisor. You can find more information about the talk on the talk’s webpage.