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What is PAUL?

What is PAUL? PAUL stands for "Paderborner Assistenzsystem für Universität und Lehre" (Assistance system for University and Teaching of Paderborn) and is a campus management system. A lot of administration tasks inside the university are managed using PAUL. PAUL is an instance of the administration system CampusNet developed by Datenlotsen.

For using PAUL all you need is a computer with internet connection and the credentials of your IMT account you created in the first days at the university.

If you want to apply for the Master's program in Computer Science you can find more information on the institute's website.

The most important thing to notice regarding PAUL is the email address of the PAUL support team :) - paul[at]upb.de (remove the [at] with the corresponding symbol, necessary because of SPAM-bots fetching addresses)

How to register for courses or exams?

After your login into PAUL you will find in the section "study" two areas "Term administration" and "Exam administration". Here you will find the sites "Course Registration" and "Exam Registration".

To apply for a course you first need to apply for the course's module. If you can't find the course in the course catalog you need to apply for the course in writing using the application form.

It's always a good idea to take screenshots of your application confirmation.

On PAUL's help pages you find more help and necessary forms. If you have problems, the tool for problem diagnosis may also help you.