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Wegen Coronaregeln aktuell geschlossen. Because of corona rules currently closed.

Welcome to Paderborn

We are glad that you made the right decision by choosing Paderborn and now we would like to welcome you in the name of the student council (“Fachschaft”) for math and computer science. The student council is a group of volunteers, who represent the students within the university. We try to help you with all sorts of issues that come up during your studies.

On this page we collect some information to get you started. Some important links are shown in the green box on the right.

Winter semester 2020/21 Welcome Week

You can find the program of the Welcome Week for new students here. This will inlcude several online meetings to get you started with your studies at the University of Paderborn.

Your University Mail

Your IMT account also functions as the primary communication channel from the university, mostly using emails.

You should check your mailbox regularly!

To do that, you can set up your email program to connect to mail.uni-paderborn.de (using IMAP/SMTP) and to log in using your IMT account, i.e. the same username and password you also use for PAUL, PANDA etc. Detailed instructions are also provided by the IMT. You can also access the emails at https://webmail.upb.de/, but it’s highly recommended (and much more usable) to use a mail client (e.g. something like Mozilla Thunderbird).

Online Information Event

On Thursday, April 16th, we had an online information event regarding lecture planning, PAUL and open questions. You can find a recording here. You can use the three-bar-button in the top left corner of that page to select the slides you are interested in. The video starts with an introduction to the Computer Science Master program, then continues with the introduction to PAUL here and the last about 40min (last two slides) are mostly an open question session.

The slides used during the event can be downloaded here: Introduction to Master’s Program (slides by Dr. Harald Selke, student advisor for CS), Introduction to PAUL

Master Info Book

We have compiled all information you may need at the beginning of your studies into a booklet called Master Info Book (MIB). The current edition can be downloaded from the green box.

Question and Communication Forum

Since April 2020 we have a forum where you can ask your questions and find answers to those which were already asked by your colleagues. Not only will we try to answer as many questions as possible, but you can also use it to get in contact and exchange information with each other. Like many lectures you can find it in PANDA, named Z.EXT.00119 O-Phase Mathematik / Informatik (although of course this is not a real lecture and we are not lecturers, but students, too). Of course you can also always write us an email to fsmi@upb.de, regardless whether this is your first semester here or you’re just finishing your master’s thesis.

University webpage regarding Corona

The university has its own webpage with all precautionary measures taken by the university regarding the Corona virus. In case of bigger changes there are also emails sent by the university president to university mail addresses.