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Fachschaft Mathematik/Informatik

Master Orientation

We are glad that you made the right decision by choosing Paderborn and now we would like to welcome you in the name of the student council ("Fachschaft") for math and computer science. The student council is a group of volunteers, who represent the students within the university. We try to help you with all sorts of issues that come up during your studies. You can always come by in our office and ask for help, even outside the welcome week.

All new students do have the possibility to get to know the University of Paderborn one week before the courses start. The welcome week for international students is organised by the International office and the foreign students union. The students from Germany are invited to join the welcome week in german.

Master Info Book

We have compiled all Information you may need at the beginning of your studies into a booklet called Master Info Book (MIB). The current edition can be downloaded from the green box.