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Contact Persons

As student you might get problems with bureaucracy, deadlines and a lot of legal sections. After some time you might get more experienced or you just look up in the following list of important contact points.

De- and registration

Generally you perform all registrations in PAUL. If you encounter problems with your PAUL account you should first look up help on the PAUL help pages and the PAUL diagnostic tool. The PAUL support team aids you with special problems. If you have difficulties or a special case you may perform a valid registration by contacting the central examination office that does the administration in the background.

central examination office for computer sciencecentral examination office for other degree programs

Course and examination affairs

Contact the Examination Committee for Computer Science if you have questions or problems with examinations. The committee decides individual cases. Please notice the special contact procedures. In less urgent matters it's suggested to contact the committee by mail, because the consultation hours usually are strongly frequented. Generally the regulations in the official examination regulation document of your degree program and the associated module handbook are to be obeyed.

Questions concerning courses and learning problems

First you may contact your course tutor. Normally he's familiar with the course material. If you have questions concerning the course organization you may ask your tutor or the lecturer and his assistants. If you have basic problems with the course material you may address to the degree program's learning center. There you get advice or have the chance to find a learning partner. In general it's a good idea to create learning groups. This way you will quicklier find solutions (e.g. using the traditional method "staring together at the whiteboard") or clarify the material. Also you will be more motivated coming to campus to learn and avoid letting things slide.

learning centre for computer science, learning centre for mathematics

Study progression: general consultation, psychosocial help

If you have general question about studying or difficulties to start, you may contact the central study consultation. Also if you have a lack of motivation, exam nerves or other problems you will find there professional help and confidential consultation.

Multimedia equipment

If you are in need for a projector, video camera or microphone to work on group projects you may borrow this equipment at the media section of the IMT.

Computer pool

For matters concerning computers at campus you may contact the computer assistance, that administrates the room. There you may also get a pool card to access the computer rooms if you need to work at night. At daytimes the rooms are open. However if you want to pay money into your printer account you need to visit us, the student council.

computer science computer assistance, math computer assistance

Formalities and Certificates

If you are in need for a certificate of study or have questions about contact points you may visit the Service-Center located in the glass cabinet near the main entrance.

Please notice the advices noted on the subpages concerning specific topics.

In General
: If you don't know where to go solving a specific problem, the best addresses to go are the Service-Center (mentioned above) and the student council (in German: Fachschaft). They know where to dispatch you to.