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The Student Union Executive Committee (Allgemeiner Studierenden-Ausschuss, AStA)

Bild vom AStA Eingang

The AStA is the executive authority to the constituted student body of Universität Paderborn.
An AStA is found at every university in NRW and also in several northern and eastern federate state.

The tasks of the AStA contain to execute the decisions of the StuPa and to handle the daily business of the students self-administration.
But the most important task is to act in favour of the interest of the student body within and beyond the university.
Within these bindings even the political education of the student body is an important duty.
Structurally the AStA for the student body ist the same as the students council related to the students of  a specific subject.

One can compare these tasks to the federal state government, which executes decisions of the parliament.
So to speak the AStA processes all affairs of the student body e.g.:

  • AStA Copy-Service,
  • Bicycle-workshop,
  • Organization of the Social-Secretarial,
  • Social-Credits,
  • Organization of the AStA-Summerfestival ;-)
  • etc.

Not at last the AStA represents the students of this university politically, for example by advice via the Social-Secretarial.

Like every committee of the StuPa the AStA is elected for the current legislative period, one year. Advisors of the AStA also receive an expense allowance. This is needed, because the fulltime-members of the AStA have not time to actually study while their term.

Further information can be found on the Website of the AStA.

About the participation

The AStA is elected every year based on § 9 of the consitution of the student body by the StuPa. The most important part here is the election of the chairman which has to be elected by at least one half of the members of the StuPa. After his election only he can propose more students for election as AStA-consultants. These usually have specific fields of activity.

At least there have to be a consultant for finances and a vice chairman, but most of the time there are also consultants for university politics, the Copy-Service, student council care etc. Also the work time per week is decided, which ranges from 10 to 40 hours. Depending on this there also are expense allowances.