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Commitment at university

Commitment at the university is a major task to all of its members. University wouldn't be operative if everybody would just do what he is, "officially" supposed to do.
There are e.g. students who organize their-self to help fellow students, providing copy- and printingservices, negotiating about student tickets and last but not least political education.
But as well we find lecturers who are offering more teaching than they must do.
They are holding seminars with above 100 participants (and the correction of corresponding  homework)  of necessity to compensate the underfinancing through the government.

All in all we can say university is a big family an now you are part of it. That means you may rely on others (e.g. the o-phase, advice through more experienced students, exam archive, ...).
But as a part of the family you have to support it by participating. You may do this in/on various ways and that's what we are trying to tell you in this section.

"Who has...

  • never been to plenary assambly,
  • never been to a demonstration,
  • never been to a meeting of the student scouncil,
  • never been voting,

then one may have been studying, but not a full-value member of this society."

loosely translated after Prof. Dr. Phil. Dr. Theol. Peter Eicher.