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When passing through the corridor on E1, you'll might get the impression that we do nothing but sleeping, listening to weird music, playing video games, cracking jokes, etc. While this is true, we still have some things to do alongside of it.

Everyday things

Weekly (usually Wednesdays or Tuesdays) we meet in the evening at 6pm in a seminar room and discuss current events from the University, assing tasks and planning major events. These sessions are always strictly public and rarely dry ;) So you're always welcome.

Our opening times are between 1pm and 2pm, monday to friday. Within this time, but also whenever else our office happens to be occupied, we are providing advice, answering your questions, selling printer pages, offering little stories (alongside tea or coffee), lending exams and protocols, ore are simply having a chat with you.


Everywhere, including meetings behind closed doors with a lot of stale air, we represent your interests, i.e. the interests of the students of the Institutes of Mathematics and Computer Science towards the university and the student union executive comittee (AStA). If you happen to face problems concerning lecturers, we can help you as well. We send representatives to the various committees of the faculty, such as commissions to the appointment of new professors, study contents commissions, audit committees and several more.


Aside from daily business there are also a few special projects. Those are, for example, the orientation period for freshmen or of course the fabulous FB17-Party.

Larger projects are always organized by subsets of the students council, i.e. elected student representatives and many other studies in the student council, as perhaps you .... Everybody is invited to participate who is interested in the topic or project. Such projects include the orientation period ("O-Phase"), our Party, the student council weekend ("Fachschaftswochenende"), the minor subject and semester abroad info evenings. Just as there are a few people who maintain and update our website.

At the end of the semester we publish the Matik, the magazine of the students council, and the V-Kom, the commented lecture catalogue for mathematics and computer science. Anyone who wants to is welcome to write an article for the Matik. To merge creative energies, we organize the Matik night each semester.

If it has not yet become so clear: You are cordially invited to participate and to bring forward your own creative ideas! We need and appreciate any support and feedback.

Fachschaft: Wer eine hat, kann sich freuen!