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You can send comments and suggestions to criticus[at]upb.de.

Lecture Evaluation (Veranstaltungskritik, V-Krit)

Once per semester we visit almost all lectures and hand out questionnaires. With these, you can evaluate the attended lecture and its exercise groups. Of course, this is completely anonymous. We will analyze all questionnaires and compile feedback for the lecturer. This is financed by the faculty.


The purpose of the lecture evaluation is to provide feedback about the state of teaching in our faculty based on in-depth data. It is intended to help improve the teaching of individual lectures and the entire faculty. For example, the results gathered over the last 25 years were the basis for the ECTS point calculation of the Bachelor's and Master's degree in computer science and have saved us from the bad experiences that numerous other universities have suffered due to incorrect estimates.

An anonymous and by that protected critique is a inevitable part of the evaluation. At the same time this provides an equal footing for both teachers and students to improve the teaching as a whole.


A detailed description of the student lecture criticism was written in October 2009. This concept paper (in german) provides information about

  • the evaluation in general,
  • it's realization,
  • the rework and
  • its history.