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Every semester we write to professors of mathematics and computer science and ask for informations on lectures and seminars they will hold next semester (like contents, requirements, type of exam and so on). These lecture commentary (in German Vorlesungskommentar, short VKom) is published at the end of every semester besides the Matik.

Especially for students in the second part of the bachelor course the lecture commentary does provide a lot of informations on the available lectures. However, the dates and times listed in the lecture commentary are to be handled with care, because the commentary is not the final catalogue of lectures and the values are preliminary and are likely to change.

The lecture commentary is listed in the German National Library entitled "Mathematik-Informatik-Veranstaltungskommentar" and assigned the ISSN 1868-0690.

The overall language of the lecture commentary is German. In general comments on lectures held in German are written in German and comments on english lectures are written in English, however there is no guarantee as we receive all comments from the lecturers.