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Financing your studies

Below are some financing options for your studies. These are jobs, BAföG and scholarships. But maybe you're creative and even more come to your mind?


There are a number of ways to get a job as a student:

Student assistant (SHK)

If you do not have enough money or want to work a bit at the university while studying, then you have the option to get a job as a student assistant ("Studentische Hilfskraft", SHK) in a research group. This also offers the advantage to get more in contact with the employees and Profs.

Teaching assistant

Here you look after an exercise group as a tutor of a course that you usually already have visited. You might discuss presence or home exercise sheets with the students, guide them at a project work or explain some of the content of the course the student way.

In computer science you usually also have to correct home exercise sheets of your own group.

Exercise sheet corrector

The expenditure for the correction of home exercise sheets is so high in some courses, that separate correctors are employed. This is particularly the case in mathematics courses.

Guru at the computer science / mathematics computer care

The IT systems and pool rooms of computer science and mathematics have to be maintained and further developed. In addition also computer science and math students sometimes have technical problems and seek help. So if you feel comfortable in IT system administration and user support, the right place for you is the IRB or RBM.

In addition, the IMT and other institutions offer various SHK jobs.


Often for the preparation and monitoring of courses and research projects at the university small programming tasks arise that need to be solved under the guidance of a supervisor. This is not necessarily about pure programming activities, but also about debating the issues. This often provides a very good insight into the actual duties of a project group.

Website maintenance

Some departments of the natural and cultural sciences seek help in caring for their mostly Typo3 based websites.

Scientific student assistant

Many scientific work groups hire students to work at scientific projects. These jobs are for advanced students. Some of these jobs are not advertised, one may simply ask the work group if there exist free jobs. Requirements differ and depend on the work group.


Prerequisites for student assistant jobs are mostly teamwork, friendliness, desire for new tasks, a little basic knowledge and fun at work. Ideally, you already have completed your undergraduate studies, but in some cases you can even get a job beforehand.

Also participating in the training of computer science tutors is often expected for work as a teaching assistant in computer science. This can also be imputed for general studies. In addition, it is usually helpful to have already passed the relevant course well.

At the mathematics student assistant job offers for certain courses are centrally assigned once during the semester. Information should be on floor D3 near Prof. Dietz office. Jobs for computer science are either mailed to the students mailing list (in whom you were registered as an computer science student) or you inform yourself at the individual project groups / Profs. Under certain circumstances, this is also a must, because the job is not offered through the mailing list. The websites of the individual project groups often also contain a separate info page for student job opportunities of the group.


There's a difference between SHKs in the narrow sense of the word and WHBs. Students who have a Bachelor degree (or similar) become WHBs. The working times vary up to 19h/week. The salary is 10€ per hour for SHKs. That's 413€ per month for 9,5h contracts or 826€ per month for 19h contracts, for example. WHBs get paid more.

Working student

You may take jobs with companies to maybe get a little insight into the company and their work environment. Many companies send their job offers to our jobs mailing list, but you may also try other search methods.

Jobs mailing list

There is a special jobs mailing list for the Faculty EIM. You can register to receive all job listings.
Registering is possible at lists.upb.de. The name of the list is jobs-eim[at]upb.de. All job offers can be sent to this address. Because of spam and other annoyances this mailing list is of course moderated by us.

Note: The mail will directly reach the students after being accepted. A request for publication is not necessary!

Job offers can be sent by mail to jobs-eim@upb.de. Please make sure that the messages meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Meaningful subject
  2. Job description in the text of the mail
  3. Application address in the text of the mail
  4. No attachments if possible, or PDF file attachment with a maximum of 500 kB file size
  5. In case you would accept students with (mostly) English instead of German language skills, it would be nice if you could make that visible in your mail.

Other useful resources for Jobs

AStA job board and job portal of the Career Service

The job market of the Student Union Executive Committee ("Allgemeiner Studierenden Ausschuss", AStA) can be used free of charge by companies and students. Here you will find offers for jobs and theses that are directly addressed to students of the university of Paderborn.

Furthermore, there is a more or less central job portal of the university at http://www.uni-paderborn.de/jobportal. Here you can also find some interesting possibilities.

Student consultancies

We have two student consultancies in Paderborn, which let student teams work on projects in the region and the industry. While the pay per hour is usually better than at the university, these projects could be often difficult to arrange with the studies and are also usually temporary. Nevertheless, it may be an interesting alternative to SHK jobs.

Advertising columns and bulletin boards

In addition to these options, there are also a lot of job offers at the advertising columns on the ground floor of the Fü (F building, Fürstenallee) and bulletin boards at the campus (DCJ-1 core and E1 to the right of the "Bierpool" / "beer pool" E1.316).


According to the German law "Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz" (BAföG, federal education assistance act) you can get a grant of up to 730€. This depends on own income and assets, the income of the parents, the place of residence (home or rent) and a few other factors. More information and the necessary forms can be found at the Studentenwerk.


With scholarships particularly talented or disadvantaged students may be assisted financially. Depending on the scholarship you might be committed to perform tasks such as representative actions.

A list of various scholarships can be found on MyStipendium.de or at the student counselling centre ("Zentrale Studienberatung", ZSB).