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Exam Archive

You can use the exam tool to see which exams and protocols we have.

In the office of the student council (E1.311) you can get old exams for almost all lectures and recordings of oral exams to borrow and copy.

Please return the borrowed exams within 1 or 2 working days, so that others may use them as well.

You can go to ausleihe.die-fachschaft.de to find out what exams are currently available.

The archive of oral exams is maintained by your support. Therefore, we encourage you to write a small report of your oral exam and send it to us.

Unfortunately we can't offer a printing or download service for legal reasons (including, but not limited to, copyright reasons).

Protocol template

To ease the writing of the protocols we offer some templates. These are also available in English.

You can send the protocols to fsmi-klausurarchiv[at]lists.upb.de.