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You got questions about the study? Or problems with one of the professors? Do you want to drink more free coffee? Or profit from the experience of higher semester students? You want to go to a pub but don't know any good one? You have never been to an awesome party? Do you want to know why exp(PI*i)+1=0?

Come by

If you have answered at least one of the questions with YES, you could visit us. We may know the answer. But you can also come to us without any questions. Our cozy (read: small) office is in E1.311 and quite often you can find someone there. In addition to our official opening times you can find someone in our office most of the time (indicated by the green coffee cup right on the home page). We have a very luminous sofa and a large stack of coffee (and even someone who can cook the stuff).

If you can not stop by, then just mail us your concerns. The mail will be send to all active students council members, so you will most likely get an answer.