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Mathematic publications


At some point in your time at the university it will be necessary to obtain further information on a topic. Sometimes, however, just grabbing the first good book from the library will not be sufficient. Whether further knowledge for a seminar or other scientists' research results in dealing with bachelor's or master's thesis - here's a few tips . Thanks go to Martin Dräxler for his talk that led to this page.

Scientific publications

Scientific publications include various types of texts scientists published on different occasions. This can be texts for conferences or workshops or papers that were submitted in journals. However, caution is required , depending on the kind of publication. Not all texts are carefully monitored by peer review between scientits.

In addition to these publications, there are Bachelor / Master or PhD thesis, however, accordant papers are published simultaneously if important insights were gained. Caution is advised in technical reports, since these are not subject to strict review in certain circumstances, but it is also true here that papers are published simultaneously. Last but not least whole books are published, which structure and summarize complex topics.

So in general, it is always necessary to check the source for plausibility.


Of course well-known search engines are used to gain a broad overview of the subject, but when searching for scientific publications, there are specialized search engines. These offer advanced search options, or even show key information about the texts.

Google Scholar

Microsoft Academic Search


Computer Science Bibliography

In addition, you can search more directly in the databases of publishers like IEEE or SpringerLink. For this, the library offers special access, which can unfortunatly only be used from the university network.

University Library Paderborn

Database Information System for the University Library Paderborn

Reference management software

If you've (hopefully) found many interesting texts you might quickly lose track. Here reference management programs can be helpfull, ranging in functionality from only collecting literature metadata to PDF analysis and full-text search. Examples could be Docear or Mendeley. An overview of various programs can be found on Wikipedia.