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Student mailing lists

When you start your studies at the University of Paderborn, you are automatically added to the student mailing lists Studierende-Informatik (computer science students) respectively Studierende-Mathematik (mathematics students). These mailing list are moderated by the student council and lots of interesting information is sent through them. Unfortunately, most mails are in german. However, information that is especially interesting or important for international students is translated to English. These lists contain both bachelor and master students.

If you're not in the mailing list or you are no longer studying/changed your field of studies and you want be excluded from the mailing list, you can contact the IMT (for studierende-informatik) or the RBM (for studierende-mathematik).

More useful mailing lists

The student council also offers a mailing list for job opportunities. On this list job offers and information about job fairs are sent. So if you need some financial support for your studies or you are planning your life after university, you can subscribe to this list. Most offers are in german, but english offers are sent to this list as well.

One last insider tip:

The comic mailing list, which suplies you with new comics! A nice distraction from studying. But be careful, the comics are sent as pictures and could easily block the limited space in your mail account.

Administration of the lists

The lists are administrated by the IMT. If you want to subscribe or unsubscribe, visit lists.upb.de. On that site you can subscribe or unsubscribe to different mailing lists in the university and see the archives for the lists. If you want to unsubscribe you will have to use the password for your IMT account (at least if you subscribed with your university mail address). If you didn't subscribe but you were added, please contact benutzberatung@imt.upb.de. The employees of the IMT will unsubscribe you.

An exception is the studierende-mathematik list. This ist administrated by the RBM. For anything concerning this list the RBM can be asked.