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What is the "Fachschaft"?

In German we use the german word "Fachschaft" for several things. 

In everyday language "Fachschaft" stands for the council of the student body (in German "Fachschaftsrat") and the people in direct periphery (in German "Faschaftsumfeld"), short the people you encounter in the student council's room. This means it stands for the "active" students of the student body ("Fachschaftsaktive").

However, this is not perfectly correct. In the regulation of the student bodies it is written, that all of the students in a faculty form the student body. The german word for student body is "Fachschaft". This also includes, that every student has the right to become active in the "Fachschaft" as part of the active students and as member of the student council.

Unfortunately translation of this concept is very difficult. The most time we use the english word "student council" we mean active students of the student body and sometimes in particular the council of the student body. This depends on the context.

Based on the lawful regulation of the state of north rhine-westphalia's university law (in german "Hochschulgesetz", akronym: HG) the student council defines its own tasks. Especially it represents the interests of its members, therefore of all the students forming the student body.

Active members of the student council are involved in keeping the course's regulation in reasonable condition, helping fellow students and providing advice, also take care of social and cultural needs of students. On a side note: the current student body belonged to the former 17. department of the university of paderborn.

Additionally "Fachschaft" also stands for our office in E1.311.

Here is a table for clarification:


german word

strict meaning

english translation


students of a particular


student body or

student union or

student association


council of the student body

student council or

student representatives


active students of the student

body that are currently not

member of the student council

no particular translation


active students of the student

body, therefore the sum of people 

in the Fachschaftsrat and the


no particular translation


Therefore in everyday use "Fachschaft" stands for one of the above mentioned meanings or the student council's office depending on the context.

What organs belong to the "Fachschaft"?

The "Fachschaft" is divided into three organs:

The plenum (Vollversammlung VV), the student representation (Fachschaftsvertretung FSV) and the student committee (Fachschaftsausschuss FSA). Please keep in mind, that these english terms are no official translations.

What is the student council? What does it do?

The student council (Fachschaftsrat FSR) is directly elected by the students for a period of one year. It consists of 5 to 10 members. It represents all or a part of a faculty's students and their interests insider and outside the university. The student council's objective are defined by itself.

Student council meetings are in general strictly public. Traditionally our meetings are less formal and therefore everyone may speak up and involve ideas and views. Dates of the next meeting you may check out on our homepage. Come over!

What is the student representation?

The student representation (Fachschaftsvertretung FSV) is elected once a year by all students with the right to vote in the faculty EIM (electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics). Every student may only has the right to vote in one faculty. The student representation contains up to 27 members. It controls the student council (Fachschaftsrat FSR) and unburdens it after its term. Additionally the student representation elects the student committee (Fachschaftsausschuss FSA).

The chairman of the student representation summons a meeting of the plenum (Vollversammlung VV) and guides it.

What is the student committee?

The student committee (Fachschaftsausschuss FSA) distributes funds to the several student councils of a faculty. It is elected and controlled by the student representation.

What do you receive for working in the student council?

Work in the student council is voluntary. As a little tribute from the faculty the federal student grant can be extended by a semester for work in committees.

Generally there are no benefits for work in the student council.

Then why do you do this?

Certainly everbody has own reasons for participating. However, work in the "Fachschaft" depends on voluntary commitment of all active students, after all every student in the faculty benefits from this work. Last but not least one may learn something in the Fachschaft, e.g. from contact with professors, insights in the daily university business and making new acquaintances.

What is the faculty council?

The faculty council (Fakultätsrat FR) is the topmost committee inside the faculty and therefore important for all lecturers, academic or non-academic assistants and all students. It consists of 8 professors, 3 academic and 1 non-academic assistants and 3 students. The student members are elected once a year by all students of the faculty.

The faculty council decides on professor callings, budget matters, fills in committees and controls the faculty dean, deputy dean and study dean and makes all other important decision inside the faculty.

What does a study contents committee?

Another term that is difficult to translate.

The study contents committees (Studieninhaltekommission SIK) - at the moment there are each for mathematics and computer science - discuss content changes in study courses and declare recommendations for these matters.

What is an appointment committee?

An appointment committee (Berufunfskommission BK) is summoned when professor appointment becomes vacant and has to be reassigned. For this matter applications are being obtained, test lectures are being heard, interviews are being held and reports are being obtained. Not till then a list of favorited applications is created and submitted to the faculty council (Fakultätsrat FR) for their approval.

An appointment committee usually consists of 4 lecuterers, 2 assistants and 1 student.

What is the lecture evaluation?

The lecture evaluation (Veranstaltungskritik Vkrit) is described in detail on these pages.

Who do I approach, if I want to participate?

The easiest way is to visit us in our office (E1.311 - "In the beginning there was the couch...") or come over to our student council meeting. The most important things you should bring along are interest, initiative and fun. Everyone may participate if he or she wants to!