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The students' council's website

FSFB17 Webseite bis 2002
FSMI Webseite von 2002 bis 2008
FSMI Webseite von 2008 bis 2013

Since a long time there exist a website for the students' council and active students of the student body. Round about the year 2000 a first version was created. Since 2002 the website got an update and ran using a pretty cool, self written CMS-system based on strange file hierarchies...

Since 2008 everything got wrapped up and was ported with much effort to typo3. If you visited the website during this period you surely noticed how difficult this transition has been.

On the student council's weekend 2012 planed revision was performed in the year 2013, also some parts might be still missing. Additionally in the year 2013 there was a visual Update, worked out together in our working team "Website".

But why Typo3?!

This question I (CoLA) had to answer a lot, so here is a short text I can refer to: Typo3 is pretty cool. Also Typo3 is able to do everything. Only the plugin for brewing coffee is still in development, however it will surely be available in future ;)

Seriously: Typo3 is a very large system and maintenance is no part-time job. Nevertheless it offers giant options for development of extensions and plugins. There is a vast API-library, wrapping several PHP5 features, but also simplifing many general tasks. For example the cache-system, that caches every page in a clever system -- depending on the needs of the particular content.

Typo3-extensions and fsmi-dev

Quickly we realized, that hacking extensions in a rapid manner might not be the best way. Therefore we wrapped the development of all Typo3-extensions (and other applications like our Firefox-extension) up and named it "fsmi-dev". If you are interested you may look over at  https://trac.cs.uni-paderborn.de/fsmi-dev/roadmap/.

Some of our extensions even got into the Typo3 Extension Repository. Unfortunately it is pretty complex to adapt our custom-need extensions to the universal use. It might be faster if we had a few more developers. If you are interested simply mail to  fsmi-dev[at]lists.uni-paderborn.de.

Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll

Ehh yes... long ago, very long ago you were able to find our website searching for "Sex, Drugs, Rock'n'Roll and computer science". To make this work after the time of META-tags you have to position these words somewhere on the website...

Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll might also be a motto for website development, but it is not required, or maybe after all? At this moment everybody should have realized, this is only dummy text to amake the large search engine starting with 'G' believe here would be some meaningful text, to link Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll to math, computer science and the students' body math and computer science at the university of paderborn.

If you searched for these items and got on this website, please send us an e-mail or drop in for some coffee ;)