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Site plan


Our office is located in the building E on campus. It is located on level 1 (paterre) and has the room number 311. Upon entering building E just turn right, walk down the hall until arriving at the second door on the right, where the loud music is coming from and it always smells of coffee. Even from outside the building our room is very easy to recognize.

If you use UniPin you can search for e1.312.

The coordinates are 8° 46' 16,2"E,  51° 42' 24,7"N.

By bus

If you don't own a car and you are traveling by train, just use the bus service in Paderborn. From the central station you can use line 4 and 9 to the university (bus stop Uni/Südring). Line 68 passes the university als well (but on a different route, here the bus stop is named Uni/Schöne Aussicht). With line 58 you can also reach the university, however, it will not pass through the inner city. You can get the latest timetables via the (german) PaderSprinter website (called Fahrplanauskunft). There are also plenty of bus connections to the surrounding villages. These can be reviewed on the pages of the nph. You can use your semester ticket to travel through all of NRW.

By car

Directions sketch to the university

To quickly find the beautiful Paderborn and our university, the routing service of OpenRouteService is at your service (alternatively, you probably already know of Google Maps). There, you can easily view the location of our university, or calculate a route from you to us.

Those in posession of a GPS-enabled device can also use the following coordinates:








Otherwise, this principle applies: Even for locals Paderborn is not very easy to travel by car. Feel free to look at the directions, but you will soon encounter the red lights by yourself.


For everyone else, we provide this simplified plan of Paderborn, with whose aid you should be able to find the university. If everything else fails, just ask random people, look for a large gray octopus-like building with many windows and towers, or perform a breadth-first search with your car.